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You’ve had it with weight loss products, you think. Some brands promise a quick solution, while others offer a diet plan that you follow to a T. It seems to produce results – you lose a few pounds – but it doesn’t stay off.

Weight Loss Food Direct understands that this scenario faces and frustrates many dieters, as well as any nutritionists monitoring patients’ progress. To counteract this and provide you with weight loss foods that keep you full and in line with your diet plan, we sell a wide-arching selection of brands encompassing all meals:


Weight Smart Foods: Our in-house brand continues to innovate with great-tasting, reduced calorie options backed by research from a team of scientists. Protein and other high-quality ingredients come first, with sugar content and fat put to a minimum for entrees, sweet and savory snacks, breakfast foods, drink mixes, soups, shakes, and even pasta. While we don’t promise weight loss, these items assist with meeting your goals of fewer calories, more protein and fiber, and less of a hungry sensation.

Pro-Amino: Pro-Amino started out of a need to expand the diet food market’s options beyond shakes and puddings. In response, the brand offers a varied selection of entrees, bars, snacks, and even desserts high in protein and amino acid content.

Ostrim: Who can’t resist a meat-based snack? Unfortunately, while you feel satisfied, these tend to be high in fat and calories. Ostrim has introduced an alternative using low-calorie, high-protein ostrich meat mixed in with beef, chicken, and other familiar varieties.

ChocoRite: Diets take the fun out of dessert. Or, worse, reaching for that cookie or cupcake completely derails your success. ChocoRite keeps the taste there while subtracting all the calories and sugars that prevent you from reaching your goals.

Kay’s Naturals: Because diets are all about moderation, Kay’s Naturals operates under its Better Balance™ principle: great taste with high-quality protein, no cholesterol, a low carbohydrate content, high fiber, and a complete amino acid profile.

Caveman Foods: In line with the Paleo diet’s principles, Caveman Foods sticks with proteins, berries, and nuts to offer an assortment of snacks ideal for many dieters looking to cut down on calories without compromising taste.

OhYeah!: The combination of less sugar and more protein extends across a series of bars, shakes, and powders designed for athletes and ideal for dieters looking to conserve calories.

Walden Farms: Sauces and spreads turn a seemingly nutritious meal into a calorie bomb that sets your diet off a day. Walden Farms, to give you taste without this level of derailment, offers a line of no- or low-calorie sauces, spreads, and jams for every meal of the day.

Bell Plantation: Peanut butter has long been touted as a protein-rich food that keeps you full, but a high amount of calories and fat gets in the way. PB2, Bell Plantation’s top level product, blends the taste and nutrients you want while cutting out the things you don’t need.

Miami Bay Beverage: The team behind Trimino has created a protein and B Complex water that fits into a range of diet plans. A serving contains just 28 calories while offering high-quality whey protein isolate and B3, B5, B6, and B12 vitamins.