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How have allergies, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease become so prevalent in our society? Those practicing the Paleo diet believe this phenomenon grew when humans strayed away from foods the body was meant to eat and process. As a result, the Paleo diet advocates humans returning to their nutritional roots – a hunter-gatherer lifestyle focused more on meats, berries, seeds, and certain nuts.

Caveman Foods, a line of Paleo-inspired products, is built upon this belief. Its snacks steer clear of gluten, milk, peanuts, refined sugars, and soy products, instead incorporating other nuts, berries, seeds, vegetables, eggs, fish, and lean meats. Yet, while many Paleo foods can be a challenge to find and prepare, Caveman products balance great taste and nutrition with convenience.

Caveman Foods came about after founder Chris Running tried the Paleo diet. Running discovered that, in following a diet plan based on hunter-gatherer foods, his energy levels increased, he lost weight, and he overall felt better. With these two points, Caveman’s foods are designed to make healthy snacking easier and to provide consumers with a greater range of diet-friendly options.

Through Weight Loss Food Direct, expand your snacking choices with Caveman Foods’:

  • Bites and Jerky: These products, ideal for a high-protein snack, use tender, all-natural chicken and satisfy your savory cravings with various seasonings and spices.
  • Primal Bars: Applying Paleo dietary principles, these bars stick with the basics, such as meats, berries, and spices, to keep you feeling full during the day and to give you a post-workout protein source.
  • Nutrition Bars: These peanut-free bars are a certified non-GMO food combining nuts, berries, and chocolate. As they satisfy your sweet tooth and give you a natural shot of energy during the day, each has just roughly 200 calories.