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Bell Plantation

Who doesn’t love peanut butter? Unfortunately, this product – recommended for athletes looking for a natural protein source – offers a heaping portion of fats and calories with all of its goodness. In response, Bell Plantation developed PB2, a peanut product with 85 percent fewer fat calories than standard spreads.

In creating PB2, Bell Plantation reduces peanut butter’s usually high fat content through a chemical-free process. The result, a sweet alternative for those with active lifestyles and weight loss plans, is an all-natural, preservative-free product that doesn’t use artificial sweeteners.

Behind PB2 is Bell Plantation’s mission to improve profitability for farmers while offering a healthy, consumer-ready product. PB2 came about when Bell Plantation needed a solution for using a surplus amount of peanuts, and in response, they turned it into a powdered peanut butter. But, beyond the taste and fewer calories, PB2 is designed to bolster farmers’ success and to offer all consumers a healthy, delicious food.

Just how much will you save on calories when you use PB2? Made out of just roasted peanuts, sugar, and salt, two tablespoons of PB2 have just 45 calories, 13 calories from fat, and zero grams of saturated fat. Regular peanut butter, by contrast, has 190 calories, 130 calories from fat, and three grams of saturated fat.

Using PB2

To use, PB2 just needs to be reconstituted with water, juice, or another liquid. Or, use it as a powder to:

  • Eat raw
  • Mix into a smoothie or shake
  • Blend into stir-fries and other savory dishes
  • Bake a lower-calorie dessert

As both regular and chocolate PB2 give you all the flavor with none of the guilt attached, Bell Plantation has expanded its product line to include other peanut-based products, sold through Weight Loss Food Direct:

  • Peanut butter thins – a crispy, tasty snack
  • Creamy peanut butter sweetened with molasses
  • Peanut oil for cooking