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Too many nutrition and weight loss products focus on one aspect of your diet: low fat, no sugar, more protein, or fewer calories. Kay’s Naturals, on the other hand, strives for a Better Balance™ of ingredients, including such essentials as high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, and fats.

The result is an extensive line of meals and snacks that are all natural and gluten free, have low calorie counts per serving, and always taste great. In creating these foods, the team behind Kay’s Naturals uses lean soy protein, no cholesterol, and low-carb, high-fiber ingredients, and ensures each item offers a complete amino acid profile.

How does this occur? At a base level, Kay’s Naturals knows that high-starch foods offer little nutritional value. Instead, Better Balance™ foods are:

  • Certified Gluten Free (CGFO)
  • 35-percent natural soy protein
  • Four- to 12-percent healthy fats
  • 12-percent fiber
  • 20- to 45-percent carbohydrates
  • Free of artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, and preservatives

Kay’s Naturals covers an extensive and satisfying array of both sweet and savory foods. For meeting the needs of your diet, try:

  • Cereals with a better diet-friendly nutritional profile
  • Comprehensive meal plans to kick-start and fulfill your nutritional goals
  • Various snack foods, such as pretzels, puffs, and protein chips, that help you stay full throughout the day without driving up the calories you consume.
  • Cookies, for satisfying your sweet tooth without getting away from your diet plan.

What might the nutritional profile look like for Kay’s Naturals? For a single serving (1.2 oz. or 34g) of a meal or snack available through Weight Loss Food Direct, you get:

  • 12g of natural, satisfying soy protein
  • 120 to 130 calories
  • 11 to 15g of net carbohydrates
  • 4g to 5g of fiber
  • A low amount of saturated fats and no trans fats

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